Kruger National Park

Situated in the northeastern part of South Africa, on the borders of South Africa with Mozambique and Zimbabwe, lies the biggest national reserve in South Africa, Kruger National Park. The 20,000 sq. kilometer piece of land, designated a national park in 1926, and it is said to be the largest national park on the African continent. Kruger National Park is a tourist delight to anyone that enjoys trips into the wild and appreciates the biodiversity. Here you will find the Big Five (Lion's, Leopard's, Rhino's, Elephant's, and Buffalo's), and other animal variations.

What to do in Kruger National Park

Whether you are traveling alone or in a group, there will always be activities you can engage in. Below are a few activities that you can undertake:

Game Drives: Do you want to experience the wildlife of Kruger National Park up close and in person? Then you should consider a game drive. Whether on a self-driven tour-guided expedition or a group excursion, game drives allow you to see and value the beauty of the African wild. Typically game drives through the park last for up to 3 hours. With self-driven tours, you can go on a game drive in the morning or evening whereas lodge endorsed tours happen regularly and in no set intervals.

Bush Walks and Foot Safaris: if you are a person who is not easily satisfied with admiring game from afar, then the bush walk and foot safaris option is the best for you. These trips allow you to spend hours under the sun tracking game and even smaller animals, with stops for rest and eating in between.

Wilderness Trails: unlike the routes you take with bus walk and foot safaris, wilderness trails are not well defined because they are virtually untouched by people. Popular wilderness trails include the Napi, Wolhuter, Nyalaland and Olifants wilderness trails.

These are just a few of the activities you can take part in. For a fuller experience, we advice you make arrangements for a holiday.